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Industrial Fans and Blowers

Industrial Fans and Blowers

The fundamental components of a Boiler system are industrial fans and blowers. They are in charge of all other processes that occur in a boiler, including the burning of fuel, the creation of hot gas, and the movement of flue gas via boiler tubes and other machinery.

  • ID Fan(Induced Drafts Fan)
  • FD Fan(Forced Drafts Fan)
Induced Drafts Fan(ID Fan)

Induced draft fans are used in a system that directs the flue gases from the combustion chamber to the stack.

Forced Drafts Fan(FD Fan)

Air preheaters are mainly used to recover waste heat from the flue gases and thereby improving the fuel efficiency. This pre heated air is supplied to the boiler or furnace for fuelcombustion. By utilising waste heat as additional energy, air preheaters are intended to save operating costs and increase fuel economy.